3 Recommended Small Animals That Can Be Pets

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Want to raise animals but your space is limited? Do not worry. There is still a large selection of palm-sized friendly animals that your child will love. When you’re looking to add a pet to your family, there are plenty of options besides cats and dogs. Many pets are cuddly, easier to care for, affordable, and don’t require a lot of attention. For children over 5 years old, a small pet is a great choice, because caring for a pet will teach your child responsibility.

To decide which small animal is right for your family, you should check out www.smallpetsgenie.com and do as much research as you would when choosing a larger animal. That’s because some of the most popular small pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, may look similar, but they differ in their needs and the way they interact with humans.

Small pets are perfect for those of you who aren’t ready to commit to keeping big pets like dogs and cats. In addition, keeping small animals is also easier and saves on maintenance costs. However, when choosing a pet, of course, you must be committed to taking care of it and knowing the risks that may occur to the animal. Here are three small animals that can be kept or used as pets and how to care for them.


Rabbits are intelligent pets who like to seek attention and affection from their owners. There are several considerations before raising a rabbit, including a comfortable cage. Rabbits love a large cage so they can jump around. Giving him a cage also prevents the rabbit from biting or scratching the furniture.

Since rabbits love to chew, you can give them chewable snacks that you can get at pet stores. Apart from carrots and clover, you should give your rabbit other complementary foods that are good for digestion. You can also feed your rabbit pellets to get enough nutrition. Meanwhile, for thick and healthy hair, you need to do grooming. You can do this at a veterinarian or a specialized animal grooming service. It’s best if you brush your hair regularly and trim your nails to keep them clean and healthy.

You may consider this popular little pet for children as long as there is adult supervision. Like guinea pigs, rabbits are good for children because they are usually gentle and sociable. While the larger breeds can be very gentle. They can also be trained to poop, and are easy to care for. It should be noted that a proper diet is important to ensure the health and happiness of the animal: grass hay, rabbit pellets, and vegetables.


If you often see cartoons with hamster characters spinning on a wheel or in a ball, it turns out that hamsters are like that in real life. This animal is known as an animal that is very active and full of energy. However, hamsters can only last two to three years. For that, you need to consider this before maintaining it.

In 2016, Kate Middleton revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte had a pet hamster named Marvin. Hamsters are the easiest, cutest, and most suitable pets for children. According to PBS Specialist Pet Travel, hamsters are easy to care for, relatively clean, and can live alone or solitary.

These Small Animals is very easy to care for and can even be trained in the litter box. That said, hamsters can be quite agile and can be very aggressive. One thing to keep in mind, hamsters can bite if not handled gently and well. Hamsters should be kept in large cages, with tunnels and nesting areas for sleeping—but make sure you can clean the cage easily.

However, for those of you who have small children, it is not recommended to keep hamsters because these animals really like to bite. Make sure to regularly clean the hamster cage because these animals love to urinate. Cleaning should be done regularly so that the cage is clean and the hamster is free from fleas.

Guinea pig

A Guinea pig known as the Dutch rat is very fond of its owner. He will jump up and greet you as he approaches his cage. However, when it comes to keeping a guinea pig, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially since these animals are often restless and fall down easily.

Although guinea pigs are in the same rodent family as hamsters, their behavior is very different. Plus, they are sociable, which means they don’t mind being handled (as long as they are handled properly) and they don’t mind small children interacting with them.

Guinea pigs have a longer life span—about five to seven years—than hamsters, and they require more time and effort due to their greater appetite for lots of hay and vegetables. This appetite can make the guinea pig messier than other small mammals, so you may also need to clean the cage more often.

Since these animals cannot vomit, you need to pay attention to their diet and the state of the guinea pig. You can take your guinea pig to the vet if he is weak and has symptoms of an upset stomach. You also need to give him an adequate intake of vitamin C because these animals cannot produce vitamin C on their own.

Give them chewable snacks that they can cut so that dental health is maintained. In addition, do the nail trimming and combine the fur regularly. Guinea Pigs have a small, gentle and friendly appearance. Like all family pets, they also need special care and attention.

Guinea pigs are very easy to care for. Like rabbits, they can eat pellets or fresh vegetables, even fruit. What’s interesting about keeping guinea pigs is that they will make sounds when interacting with fellow guinea pigs. Do not forget to regularly clean the cage.

Guinea pigs are social animals that require daily interaction. They communicate by making various sounds that have different meanings. These animals are easier to carry than dogs or cats. Generally, guinea pigs live an average of five to seven years. This lifespan is longer than that of many other small pets such as hamsters and gerbils which all only live to a few years.