How to know if your dog is happy

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Dogs are famous for loving their owners unconditionally. They are worthy companions and if they can do all within their means to make their you happy, you should also ensure that they are happy. For you dog to be happy, you would need to put in some efforts in getting them the right supplies. You can read reviews about Jollyes Pet Store and Time For Paws to know if they have the right products that you need to buy for your dogs to keep them happy. Here is how to know if your dog is truly happy:

Relaxed eyes and body

The eyes, a popular quote says, are the windows to the soul. This applies to dogs as well as humans. Study shows that the eyes of a happy dog are of a normal shape. When you notice something different with the shape, it means something is wrong. This is why you need to pay a great deal of attention to the eyes of your dog. Check them out at different times of the day and when the dog is doing different things. It will take some time before you can figure out anything but you will eventually do. You will see that the eyes are relaxed. However, go a step further to check if the shape of the eyes changes and what causes it. For instance, the shape could change whenever you are departing, because your dog does not like you leaving. Also, a happy dog has a relaxed body. It is not normal for a dog to have stiff muscles or look tense. No one would want to play with such a dog. Just like humans, a dog’s body will always be relaxed when he is happy no matter whatever it is doing, except in strenuous activities. If your dog shows signs of physical stress, that means something is wrong with it and you should treat the dog fast. Take away the discomfort and give your dog peace.

Playful nature

A lot of people believe that a dog will jump at you and wag his tail even when it is unhappy. This is not true. Your dog’s happiness is not secondary; even if you see it as such, your dog does not. When a dog is unhappy, it will take on a submissive posture and put its tail between its legs waiting for your command. But a happy dog will jump high in the air, wag its tail and invite you to have fun. Some older dogs however do not have the desire to play, while the younger ones will open their mouth and invite you to have fun. If your dog trusts you, it will want to play with you. if you want to play but your dog does not, he will do so in a submissive way since he is just obeying an order. A happy dog will also wiggle their entire body to tell you there is some emotion. Wiggling is more obvious and it warms you up as well. You mostly see your dog wiggling when it senses that you both are about to have some great time together. However, even though this emotion is normal, you should not allow it to get out of control because it could be dangerous.

Belly rub and some quiet time

You possibly have witnessed some dogs walk up to you and then lie on their backs for you to give them a robust belly rub. This shows that the dog is comfortable with you. it also means that the dog has a great deal of trust in you since the belly is a very sensitive area. Rubbing your dog’s belly will also help cement the friendship between you both. A happy dog will always initiate physical contact, while a dog that is not will avoid coming near you. Another sign that your dog is happy is that it wants to have some quiet time with you. This is why you will find that some dogs will place their heads on your laps in a contented manner. This is a state of relaxed happiness, but many dog owners think this means a dog is unwell. As a dog owner, it is your full responsibility to be close to your dog and study his behaviour so that you will have a better understanding of his emotions. If you do this, you only need to look at your dog to know how it feels.

Relaxed mouth and non-destructive nature

Equally important is the position of your dog’s mouth. A happy dog will close its mouth. You will see the emotion in the entire body, including the mouth. Sometimes, the mouth can be slightly opened, especially if they are outside and the weather is hot. Dogs use their tongues to cool their bodies too. You should also pay attention to the changes in your dog’s body language. This way, you will easily notice a change in mood. If your dog pants when the mouth is open, it shows it is not happy, either due to stress or weather change. Also, a happy dog will not destroy anything. They will not tear out the insides of your sofa or break your things. It will not look for sources of entertainment that will bring losses to you. A dog that destroys things is bored and a bored dog is unhappy. As a way of relieving its boredom, it will try to chew anything it can lay its hands. However, if your dog is young, it might chew something not out of boredom or unhappiness, but because their teeth bother them. You do not have to get worried because it simply means their teeth are growing.

Healthy eating habit

A happy dog will always want to eat. No food passes it by, except your dog is picky. When a dog stops eating, it is a sign it is not in the best physical sate due to some reasons. It could be that your dog has a medical problem, which a vet is in the best position to treat. It could be that it feels lonely or misses someone lovely. If it is not a medical condition, you need to make your dog happy. Show more affection, take him out, have fun with him, care for him. The more you do this, the happier you make your dog.