What Are The Healthiest Foods For Your Dog?

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Your dog is no different to you. He or she needs to eat a healthy, balanced diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals that they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Dogs have very different requirements to humans, and as a dog owner, you will need to work hard to make sure that your dog gets the healthiest food that you can afford to give them.

Many people make use of online reviews sites, like birdreviews.com to help them make these important choices, and you can too.

It’s tempting to consider giving your dog supplements in order to keep their diet as well balanced as possible, and that’s when you’ll want some good customer opinions about supplements for pets.

Formula For A Healthy Dog

Don’t forget that your dog is a carnivore. Many foods that are on the market these days, especially the cheaper ones have a large grain content. Whilst this may often be marketed as a healthy option, it’s not what your dog is supposed to be eating.

The best foods for your dog will have minimal amounts of grain in it. The best dog foods will have a majority content of meat because this is eventually going to be the best for your dog.

Look for food that has high meat content and try to avoid kibble and grain based foods. These high meat content foods are the most healthy options for your dog.

Not All Grain Is Bad

There is a lot of debate in the industry and among vets about how much grain is actually healthy for your dog. Some verts have pointed out that in fact, grain free diets may indeed contribute to heart failure in dogs.

Generally, unprocessed grains are considered healthier than processed versions.

Not all grains are bad, and your dog doesn’t have to eat a grain free diet. But, grain is not a protein substitute, so choose carefully.

If you are feeding a high grain diet, or even a diet with a moderate amount of grain, and your dog is not well, then he may have a grain allergy. As always, talk to your vet and discuss your dogs nutrition requirements.

Additions To Your Dogs Regular Food

You don’t have to stick to the same old food, day in, day out. Your dog is going to get bored eventually.

You can do your dg a healthy favor by mixing things up a bit and adding to their regular diet with some tasty toppers to their meal, according to this NBC news article.

Try adding an egg to the food. Some dogs love scrambled eggs and others like them boiled or raw. Just make sure you don’t use salt and don’t feed to many.

A can of cooked sardines in water or some sauteed dark leafy greens can make excellent healthy additions to your dog’s regular diet.

Wrapping It Up

You want to make sure that your dog has a healthy, well balanced diet that doesn’t contain an excess of grain. The diet should be high in protein and contain the vitamin and minerals that your dog needs.

You can add to this with some additional toppers to make their dinner times more exciting!